Sobakawa Pillow FAQs

Q. What sizes does the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow come in?Sobakawa Image 2

A. It comes in the original size of 12.5 x 18.5, the 13.75 x 23.5 full size or the 17.75 x 25.5” queen/king size.


Q. Is the Sobakawa Cloud pillow made like the Sobakawa Buckwheat?


A. We have based its design on the traditional Asian buckwheat pillows, but the Cloud Pillow uses air beads instead of buckwheat beads.


Q. How many beads are in the Sobakawa Cloud Pillow?


We put over 10 million air beads in each pillow.


Q. Why is the Sobakawa Pillow an odd shape?


A. The crescent shape of the pillow is designed to follow the contours of your neck and shoulders.